Success Story

When you have a goal, you do your best get there. Some spend much money or time to achieve their goal. What it takes is that you need to have confidence in what lies ahead. If you pursue a dream of becoming an internal auditor, you should know the basics on what it takes to pass. -You have to believe in what you do. -You have to organize your steps well. -You have to understand well, not just memorize. -You have to make a connection through what you study in your daily work and life. -You have to answer a lot of questions to gather new ideas & situations you may face in reality. -You have to manage time well. I took the course at IPA center (Alexandria Branch). After each lecture I used to study immediately, answer all questions & believe in God that he will not let me down.The IPA center provides us with skilled professors. Really, Instructors did a lot of effort because they didn't only teach us just materials but also they gave us their experience in work. After finishing the course IPA team made a follow up & they provided us with Exam Simulations till I entered my exam. All that gave me confidence to enter & pass the exam.

Sara Ali