How To Be Certified?

  • Intent: Choose the knowledge area of your professional concern,

If it was financial accounting or external auditing then go to the CPA. 
If it was management accounting then go to the CMA. 
If it was information system , audit and control then go to CIA.
If it was financial analysis and money market then go to CFA. 
If it was marketing go to PME. 
If it was human resources go to HRP.

  • Time: "How many studying hours do I need to pass?"is not a question to be asked, because time can be measured in terms of quality rather than quantity. The more challenging you think, the more efficiently you can manage your time. "Put first things first".
  • Confidence: Confidence means to trust your abilities in achieving your goal. Accordingly, the first step to take is to define your goal, then comes the devotion of all your existing and potential abilities to achieve it."To be or not to be"is the main key to success.
  • Language: Language can be perceived as a tool rather than a goal. Therefore, a valuable chance is right in your front. Getting knowledge and acquiring language through the way of preparation, is more like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Finance: The best investment one can make is to learn. Whatever you invest in learning, still can not be compared with what you are going to gain.

"Being certified is an opportunity that you should not miss"